About Us

Who we are?

Aztlan Track Club was founded in 1974 in the East Los Angeles area by Carlos Alfaro and Frank Meza. It operated under the Aztlan Athletic Congress. Frank Meza is currently a medical doctor and coaches Cross Country and Track at Loyola High School. Carlos Alfaro retired after 30 years in the teaching profession. Aztlan Track club transitioned into Aztlan Athletics to offer a wider-range of event management services. Jose Zavala and Carlos Alfaro merged into Aztlan Athletics in 2008, which now oversees and manages multiple running events in the Southern California area. Aztlan Athletics has been represented in Cross Country and Track at regional, state and national championships.

Country and Track at regional, state and national championships.
Aztlan Athletics began coordinating running events in 1978 and it is known for laying the foundation for competitive trail running (Aztlan Indian Run at Elysian Park- since 1981). Today, Aztlan Athletics offers 6 unique running experiences and provides event management support to our event partners. We offer a “Grab Bag” of resources including food catering, IT and media production, apparel and awards, registration and timing support, course management and consultation.

Our company’s foundation began over 30 years ago. We reach out to promising athletes and offer a select few with subsidized support to be able to compete in Cross Country, and Track and Field at the local and national level. One of our most popular events is the Aztlan Indian Run, which is rated among the top running venues in Southern California. We added two additional running events in 2010, and now have plans to bring two more in 2012. We hope to be able to incorporate an “Elite” field of competitors in at least two running events in the near future. The company’s current executive team (Jose Zavala, President & Carlos Alfaro, Vice President) has a combined 60 years of experience as direct-service professionals and in the event management/production industry.

As our world becomes more challenged, Aztlan Athletics will continue to evolve to ensure our athletes and event coordinators receive quality support and competitive pricing.

About Jose Zavala, CEO

Jose Luis Zavala, M.A., holds a bachelors degree from California State University Los Angeles (CSULA) in the field of Child Psychology (1991). He holds a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) from the Phillips Graduate Institute (1995). Mr. Zavala has over 22 years experience directly working with community based non-profit agencies who provide services to the most vulnerable families in Los Angeles County. He is the co-founder of Family Group Decision Making (FGDM) for Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (2001). He has worked in various capacities for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) since 1992 and currently provides supervision within the Skid Row Family Assessment Team (SRFAT). In his current work, within the countycommunity multidisciplinary team approach, he introduced the first “Crisis Conferencing” model for homeless families.

Since 1998, Mr. Zavala has provided consultation and training on mandated reporting and family group conferencing. Some of these agencies include the Union Rescue Mission, Para Los Ninos, Pacific Clinics, Beyond Shelter, Kedrin Head Start, to name a few. He has presented on Family Group Conferencing at the Latino Behavioral Health Conference (2003)

Mr. Zavala is the founder of Aztlan Athletics Events which organizes and produce unique fund-raising events for non-profit agencies who’s mission is on family preservation services, education about conservation and preservation. Aztlan Athletics owns and operates 8 events in Southern California, which benefit over 10 non-profit agencies. Mr. Zavala has founded fundraising events for Homeboy Industries (Run 4 Homeboy 5K), Aquarium of the Pacific, the Audubon Nature Center, to name a few. By incorporating team-decision making principals, Mr. Zavala has designed a cost effective bundling management model that provides non-profit community based agencies with the opportunity to develop their own long-term fundraising platform with minimal cost to them.

Our Philosophy

Mr. Zavala is convinced that creating family centered, child-youth focused decision-making models that are inclusive of community-based agencies, local government social service programs, and natural support systems will increase the safety of the family as a whole.

Families know themselves better than anyone else, and therefore have the best solutions with the balanced support from the community. Through family group conferencing, the families are able to better plan the future success of their children.

Our Mission

Aztlan Athletics pledges to continue to widen the circle of support for non-profit agencies and empower youth to utilize the great outdoors to stay fit and be healthy.