Employee Wellness


Aztlan Athletics Vision
To strengthen and improve the overall health of communities through fundraising and community wellness activities

Aztlan Athletics Mission
To work with community partners and stakeholders to improve the lives of their members by introducing them to physical and other wellness activities while supporting self-determination through fundraising activities.

Aztlan Athletics Goals
1. Improve general health outcomes of communities that participate in their running and wellbeing events
2. To improve fundraising capacity of community-based agencies that associate with Aztlan Athletics
3. To increase the level of physical activity and promote the general wellness of each individual that participates in Aztlan Athletics events.

Company Profile:

Aztlan Athletics (Aztlan Events) has managed, developed and operated unique grass-roots, community-based fundraising events since 1974. Aztlan Athletics originated the run/walk & wellness resource platform utilizing natural trail park settings with the goal of raising direct service programing proceeds to deserving community based non-profit agencies.

Aztlan run/walk and wellness events provide a unique experience by involving community engagement and awareness to a wellness activity platform. Non-Profit Beneficiaries that share a common mission of bringing awareness about critical health, social and environment issues impacting communities are carefully selected.

Aztlan Events also provides event management services to community partners who wish to incorporate health & wellness to their existing events. Aztlan Athletics has the ability to design and customize events that showcase community history, while acknowledging partners in the area that help champion worthy causes.

In 2010, Aztlan Events co-ventured with Molina Healthcare who became the first organization to utilize Aztlan Athletics events for their employee wellness program.
In 2013 two additional companies partnered with us to compliment and strengthen their employee wellness programs.

Aztlan Athletics founded the Homeboy Industries 5K Run/Walk event (2010), Midnight Mission 5/10K Run/Walk and Celebrating Recovery event (May 2013), In recent years, Aquarium of the Pacific 5K Run/Walk (July 2012), and Ohana 5K Run/Walk, which benefits the Salvation Army- Ray & Joan Kroc Centers (December 2013). These additional events also widen the marketing circle for our local, regional and corporate sponsors.

Corporate Community Awareness and Engagement

Corporate Sponsorship
Engage your employees in Aztlan Athletics mission to strengthen the community by supporting worthy causes through athletic events. Aztlan Athletics develops and manages 5/K and 10/K fundraisers for many non-profit partners. By sponsoring our events, your employees will benefit by participating in a healthy athletic event and in knowing that they are making a difference in lives of many local residents.
In 2013, social responsibility community partners and their employees took the challenge and participated in 6 running and wellness events. We aspire to have corporate teams compete, have fun and help us continue to provide proceeds to non-profit partners. We invite you to be part of the various sponsorship and marketing opportunities Aztlan Athletics has to offer throughout the year. It’s an opportunity to build brand loyalty, attract new customers and showcase your commitment to supporting you community.
Corporate sponsorship allows your company to be part of our entire 2014 menu of events or you may select individual events through our sponsorship packages. We hope that we can count on you to help support our cause.


Employee Wellness and Community Engagement Program

Take The Challenge: Run For Health, Run For Communities

This is a contract between Aztlan Athletics and the designated prospective organization’s employees who choose to Take The Challenge as part of their employee wellness program. This includes volunteering at one or more events in 2014 and participating in health & wellness interactive workshops. Designated Aztlan Athletics Employee Wellness Brokers will work with your organization to ensure desired outcome are meet.

Aztlan Athletics will provide proceeds from each employee registration to non-profit agencies that benefit from these events. Aztlan Athletics will continue to expand the current events and develop similar ones in targeted underserved areas. The event locations will continue to involve natural park settings and placing priority in utilizing existing infrastructures in efforts to reduce operating costs.

Aztlan Athletics are in the business of designing/develop/manage/operating and producing these events with support from the local beneficiaries and community partners. Prospective employee wellness participants will have the convenience of going on-line, selecting the event they wish to participate in and register either for free or for a company discounted rate (based on the negotiated rate and number of contracted participants). In addition, participants will be able to track their success by enrolling into their personal accomplishment profile that they can share with their peers through our contracted partners in 2014.

Aztlan Athletics will set-up an Event Information & Registration Kiosk where prospective employee wellness participants will be able to register for upcoming events and learn about the agencies that will receive proceeds.

Designated company wellness will work collaboratively with Aztlan Athletics Employee Wellness Brokers to orient and facilitate the registration process (provide periodic reminders, sending strategic e-mail blasts, In-Person outreach, and signage installment through the work locations).

Aztlan Athletics and designated wellness managers will utilize their own marketing platforms to help increase participation as the events evolve in the various parts of the targeted areas for 2014, while performing community outreach in the most underserved regions.

Prospective Organization Employee Wellness and Community Engagement2014 Sponsorship Contract

Benefit Description Cost
Employee Participation in one of the selected Take the Challenge Aztlan Athletic Events

• Up to 100 Employees will participate
in each event free of charge.
• 50 Additional Employees may enroll with a
25% discount off regular enrollment price $3,000

Prospective company will be acknowledged as sponsor at the 1 chosen events

• Dedicated Company Wellness Booth


Marketing Materials • Company logo on T-Shirts
• Company logo on all Race Published
• Placement of company materials in
Runner/walker goodie bags
$ 1,000

Marketing Events • Social Media Marketing
• Employee Outreach $1,000

Employee Wellness Contact Grand Total (per event) $6,000

Tax Payer Identification Number: _90- 0475655__________
Make Check Payable To: Aztlan Athletics
Mail Check To: 381 Monterey Road, South Pasadena, California 91030
Established Take The Challenge Events:

Downey, California, Help 2 Heal A Heart 5K Run/Walk and Wellness Fair. Proceeds benefiting Always A Mom Foundation (February 15, 2014) 8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 450

Highland Park California 5th Annual 4-Mile Hill Challenge Run/Walk, Clean Air Awareness and Wellness Expo. Proceeds benefiting the Audubon Center at Debs Park.
(March 22, 2014). Youth-Senior-Adult wellness programs. 8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 560

Culver City, California Los Angeles Mission Possible 5 Run/Walk, Health and Wellness Festival. Proceeds benefiting the Los Angeles Mission & the Anne Douglas Center. Serving all Los Angeles County May 4, 2014) 8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 1000

Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California Midnight Mission 5/10K Run/Walk and Empowering Recovery Expo (June 22, 2014). Proceeds benefiting The Midnight Mission Programs.
8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 1,500
www.MidnightMissionRun.Com or www.AztlanAthletics.org

Los Angeles California 32nd. Annual Aztlan Indian 5K Run/Walk and Youth Wellness Festival. Los Angeles State Historic Park. (August 2014) Proceeds benefiting Aztlan Youth Track Club, The Right Way Foundation, Academia Avance, 5:00P.M. – 12:00A.M.
Projected participants: 800

South Pasadena California 5th Annual Greenest Fastest 1 Mile Run Elite Mile Run , Sustainability Community Wellness Festival. South Pasadena, California (7/19/14).
Proceeds benefiting South Pasadena Middle School Booster Club &
The Place of South Pasadena
Projected participants: 6000

El Segundo, California, LAX Runway 5/10K Run/Walk, Health & Wellness Fair.
Proceeds benefiting Los Angeles County Law Enforcement Cadet Programs.
(September 27, 2014) 8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 700

Monterey Park California 25Th Annual Aztlan 5K Classic Run/Walk, Health & Wellness Festival (November 9, 2014). Benefiting East Los Angeles College Running programs & Charles R. Drew University of Medicine & Science. 8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 2300

Mission Bay, California, Mission Bay’s 5/10K Run/Walk, Health & Wellness Festival, & Toy Drive. Benefiting The Salvation Army, Kroc Community Center (December 13, 2014)
8:00A.M. – 12:00P.M.
Projected participants: 600 www.AztlanAthletics.org/MissionBayRun

Prospective company will assist to provide the following support to ensure operational costs remain low and on target:

1. Use of company marketing department to assist with informing the public about Take The Challenge events with available discounts.
2. Allow bi-weekly visits to prospective company business locations and/or corporate offices to market the events.
3. Send announcements about Take The Challenge events via the intranet (periodic reminders and email alert within 2 business days from each event) and through their existing advertisement in the community.
4. Host meetings at designated conference room location.
5. Periodic consultation will continue to be available

Research and Evaluation

Aztlan Athletics has partnered with Dr. Laura Andrade of Andrade Consulting and Evaluation Services (ACES) to provide research, data collection methodologies and data analysis of community and individual wellness outcomes. Dr. Andrade will work with Aztlan Athletics and the participating companies to develop data collection techniques to report on race participant demographics and develop tools to collect information on community and individual wellness. In addition, all registered participants will have their own customized profile to track their success throughout the year through our affiliate AwardeMe.com on-line accomplishment platform.

Liability Insurance

Aztlan Athletics will continue to secure certificates of insurance through its established partners: USA Track and Field, Inc. The producer will be American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc. These certificates will satisfy the protection of both Aztlan Athletics and Molina Healthcare executives and officers in connection with any of the said fund-raising events

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this agreement by their duly authorized officers of the day and year first above written.

By: _________________________________ _____________
Name: Date

By: _________________________________ _____________
Name: Jose Luis Zavala, President and CEO Date
Aztlan Athletics, LLC

How can Aztlan Athletics Benefit your company?

Building the trust of your employees is important to all successful businesses. Equally important is how your company is viewed by your customers and the wider community.
Here are 5 reasons why Aztlan Athletics can be a valuable addition to your company.

1. Satisfied employees
2. Satisfied customers
3. Wellness Marketing
4. Cost reductions
5. Business opportunities

Employee Wellness
Employee Wellness Partnership
Some of the top wellness programs currently in use today include those that involve physical activities. Companies often sponsor exercise-related events such as our 5K and 10K events to encourage employees to remain fit or lose excess weight.
By including our events as part of your corporate wellness program, you are showing your employees that you care about them. This can improve employee morale, increase their productivity and reduce absenteeism.
In addition, partnering with Aztlan Athletics and helping us support worthy causes can also serve as a form of corporate social responsibility and/or corporate philanthropy
Aztlan Athletics would like to invite your company to send a team of employees to participate in our last two events of the year. We are confident that your employees will come away with a sense of fulfillment having exercised, gained an awareness of critical issues/causes and knowing that they gave back to their community.
We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how we can work together to improve our community.


Aztlan Athletics Events Run/Walk Event Sponsorship Form
(Per Event)
1. Help to Heal A Heart 5K Run/Walk, Downey, California (2/15/14)
2. 4-Mile Hill Challenge Run/Walk/Hike, Mount Washington, California (3/22/14)
3. LA Mission Possible 5K Run/Walk/Hike, Culver City, California (5/3/14)
4. The Midnight Mission 5/10K Run/Walk, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California (6/22/14)
5. Greenest Fastest 1 Mile Run, Health Wellness Festival, S. Pasadena, Ca. (7/19/14)
6. LAX RunWay 5/10K Run/Walk, Health and Wellness Resource Fair, El Segundo, Ca. (9/27/14)
7. Aztlan 5K Classic Run/Walk, Health & Wellness Festival, East Los Angeles College, Ca. (11/9/14)
8. Ohana 5/10K Run/Walk, Health & Wellness Fair, Holiday Toy Drive, San Diego, Ca. (12/13/14)
See the following pages for more information and Sponsorship
Confirmation Form.
Gold Mission $1,000-$2,499
• Prominent logo position on all
marketing material (1/2 the size to
that of “Prominent”).
• Logo prominently displayed in
awards ceremony area (1/2 the size
to that of “Prominent”).
• Prominent display of logo on 5k
Run/Walk t-shirts and event
website. (1/2 the size to that of
• Acknowledgment in the City’s local
newspaper, beneficiary social media
website and premier booth space
near awards area.
• Banner displayed prominently near
the start and finish lines.
• Acknowledgment before, during,
and after awards ceremony.
• Booth space.
Silver $500 – $999
• Mid-level display of company logo
on commemorative t-shirts and
event website (1/2 the size of
• Acknowledgment announced during
event. in the local newspaper, and
booth space located near
community wellness expo.
• Acknowledgment announced during
the event.
• Booth space.
Bronze $250-$499
• Display of your company’s logo on
commemorative t-shirt & listed on
• Name event’s website (1/2 the size
of “Silver”).
• Booth space.
Prominent $2,500 +
• Prominent logo position on all
marketing material.
• Logo prominently displayed in
awards ceremony area.
• Prominent display of logo on 5k
Run/Walk t-shirts and event
• Acknowledgment in the City’s local
newspaper, beneficiary social
media website and premier booth
space near awards area.
• Banner displayed prominently near
the start and finish lines.
• Multiple acknowledgment before,
during, and after awards ceremony.
• Booth space.
See the following pages for more information and Sponsorship
Confirmation Form.
I want to sponsor one or more of the Aztlan Athletics Run/Walk, Health and Wellness Resource Fair:
I will participate in the event as a:
 Prominent Sponsor  Gold  Silver  Bronze  Other
 Cash/check – Enclosed with the dollar amount $______, payable to Aztlan Athletics,
Billing Address: _____________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________
In-Kind Donations:
 Service(s) ________________________________________ Approximate Value: $______________
 Gift Certificate(s)
 Donated Item(s)_____________________________________ Approximate Value: $_______________
Contact to arrange pick-up: 626- 755-8489 or e-mail at Jose@AztlanAthletics.org
Name as you would like to be acknowledged:
Logos must be received 6 weeks prior to each event date to be included on the website and t-shirts. The
preferred electronic format for the logos is Illustrator or Vector file. Please complete the following
information and forward this form to the address below. Send your logo on CD or email your logo to
George@aztlanathletics.org Please include the designated event selected in the subject line.
Contact Name: ________________________________________ Title: ___________________________________
Phone Number: ________________________________ Email: __________________________________________
Address: (If different than above)_________________________________________________________________
City/State/Zip: ______________________________________ t-shirt size: Adult S M L XL
Please mail to:
Aztlan Athletics C/O the (Specific Event)
381 Monterey Road,
South Pasadena, California 91030
Strengthening Communities
since 1974.